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Although our service is super straightforward and easy to use, you may still have a couple of queries about what exactly it is we do.   

Essentially, we try our hardest to get our visitors the best deals at Online Casino Websites across the web. The way we do this is hunt down the best Casino Free Spins, No Deposit Bonuses and Casino Cash Bonuses so that when you sign up, you get instant access to a casino that isn’t shy of offering Freebies.

We only ever post about Casinos which are reliable, trustworthy and have a huge selection of games and services, so you haven’t got to worry about that. Put simply, these offer the best Cash Bonuses, Promotions and of course, Free Spins.

We know this won’t cover all the queries you might have about New Casino Free Spins, but we have compiled a list of some more basic things you may be wondering about below.

You will find below our top 6 most frequently asked questions, which range from what to look for when searching for the Best Casino site, what exactly are Free Spins, No Deposit Free Spins and Casino Cash Bonuses. Plus, why exactly we have separate our sections according to different areas of the world.

We hope this will go some way to assist in understanding how Free Online Casino Bonuses work, where to find the Best Bonuses, and most importantly, how our services work.

Of course, we have only listed 6 questions, and you might have a couple more. Therefore, if you have any queries that aren’t listed below then fear not, as we are only more than happy to answer any others via email.

All you have to do is fill out one of our contact forms which can be found in ”Contact” and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

We want to keep our service as efficient and transparent as possible and in general, want you as players to get the most out of your casino service. We think the first step to that is practising what we preach and giving you superb service right here at New Casino Free Spins too!

For now, just take a look below at the top 6 picks for our Frequently Asked Questions and if it's not here, email us!


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NewCasinofreeSpins FAQ

Is what you do legit and legal?

Of course. We are just the helping hand to our visitors that we think they need. We ourselves love playing at Online Casinos, but we know it's a minefield out there with so much competition in services and deals. Quite simply we have taken the time to wade through the casino jungle to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Staying strictly within regulations is something we take very seriously and therefore, we make sure that we stay up to date with the news in the casino world, so we know that neither us nor you, will ever see ourselves in any trouble

We are here to make our visitors' life’s easier, not harder, so you can trust us to provide you with the optimum casino experience.

What should I look for in my Free Spins Casino Site?

As you have come here and are looking for Free Spins, you need to find out what slot games they offer. Casinos slot selections can vary greatly, as they need to have deals with the providers to get access to certain games.

Some casinos get exclusive access to slots or get new releases immediately, whilst on others, you may have to wait for that latest game everyone is talking about.

Once you have found the right selection for you, the next thing to look at is of course, what Free Spins Deals they offer. For that, you have us, all you need to do is check out our lists to find details on No Deposits Spins, Free Spins and Casino Cash Bonuses all in one place!

What exactly is a Free Spin?

A Free Spin is a gift from the casino in the form of a free wager and essentially, a free chance to win. Usually, you are given loads on your first day and so, you can use them to test out the casino and find out if it is right for you.

Many casinos give them out periodically with various promotions for different reasons like a new game or some sort of event (Halloween/ Christmas etc).

One thing that we should be mentioned about Free Spins, is that sometimes you may need to wager money you win a specific amount of times before you can withdraw it from your account. However, there are several sites are now moving towards different systems where it is all yours immediately.  

Do I need to make a deposit to get Free Spins?

Although many websites may offer No-Deposit Free Spins, which are Free Spins which are awarded directly after registration without a deposit, others do not. In many cases, to get a hefty amount of Free Spins, you may need to make a deposit to qualify, which is just a way to make sure it is a fair deal for everyone.

However, this is not without its benefits, as usually, along with the Free Spins, you also get a percentage bonus of your money back to you. Many offer 100% Deposit Matches, which means any funds you do need to put in gets doubled, along with the Free Spins.

If you are only interested in No-Deposit Free Spins, then check out our No-Deposit Casino Bonus page here!

What is a Casino Deposit Bonus?

Depending on what kind of player you are, these could benefit you more than Free Spins.

They are very simple and nearly all casinos offer them as a percentage of your money back in the form of Bonus Casino Cash. They vary in each casino, but generally, they can be get anything between 50%-300% as a Bonus. This is the percentage amount of bonus cash you will get on top of your funds.

The beauty of these is that they are versatile. So, if you like to play on a selection of different of games, you can use them on tables games and other more niche options like Bingo or Keno, which means more gaming options for Free Casino fun!  

Do I need to read the Casinos T&Cs?

As you may know, the regulations in the U.S. on Online Gaming are very strict, which means many casinos cannot open their services to U.S. Players. This doesn't mean U.S. players need miss out on a great deal, so we compiled a list specifically for players from the States, which shows the best deals at casinos they can play.

Another reason for reading the T&Cs is to make sure that players are going to casinos that cater for them specifically with services and dialect. Aussies, Brits and US players, use different terms for different games and prefer certain types of game, so the lists in these sections are optimised for their respective audiences. It’s really that simple.