€70,243 won on newly released slots at Vera&John

A registration at Vera&John, followed by a deposit of €50 – that was all it took for Jonathan to win over €70,000. Winnings from the newly released slots Golden Goddess and Magic Portals, to name a few, gushed into his account within a few thrilling hours.

As a new player at Vera&John Casino, Jonathan could enjoy a generous bonus that came with his first casino deposit. With his first deposit doubled, Jonathan had €100 in his account hot and ready to go on a winning spree. Jonathan went full steam ahead and started betting high amounts, leaving him only three minutes later, with a mere balance of €4 in his account. It was at that point when his luck turned and Jonathan won €2,098 on the slot Cod Father. Jonathan saw an opportunity and decided to make an attempt to turn his win into an even bigger amount. As it turns out, that was a clever tactic.

Multiple big wins

During the hours following his first win, Jonathan played with a balance that varied between €1,000 and €4,000. He was wagering different amounts and won every so often and then finally, two big spin wins in a row landed in his account while playing the slot Golden Goddess. First Jonathan won €7,388 in one spin and then seven minutes later he hit another spin win of €9,576 on the same slot. Although this was only the beginning, even bigger wins were waiting around the corner. Jonathan changed slots. There he managed to do the exact same thing, first he won €7,296 and only three minutes later he hit the biggest spin win of his whole play session, a win that reached up to €22,797. The final slot Jonathan tried was Magic Portals, another slot that sent huge success in Jonathan’s direction and he could sit back and watch as winnings of €8,435 and €12,653 landed in his account.

-  Wow! What a great feeling, it’s unbelievable that I pulled it off! I really enjoy playing slots and when these kinds of wins come your way, I have to tell you, it feels euphoric! I think I need to calm my nerves now, a stunned Jonathan says right after his mega wins.

Collected €70,243 cash

Jonathan could collect a total winning of €70,243 from the new slots. With that kind of cash, he can experience things in his life that he never thought were possible. His dream future will now be reality thanks to Vera&John. Jonathan, and many other players, feel that the large game selection provided by Vera&John really is an advantage in the hunt for big winnings.

-  The more slots there are available, the better the chance of hitting a big win. I also think it is more fun to play on various slots, Jonathan says.

Vera&John release new slots on a regular basis on both web and mobile. The question is – which slot will make you filthy rich? Find out at Vera&Joh Casino today!


1 May 2014

1 May 2014-Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.