Casino Bonus FAQ

Here on this page you’ll find answers to the questions which we are asked most frequently by our UK customers. Questions like “What is a casino bonus?” as well as many others will be covered below.

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What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is something that casinos use to capture a player’s interest and, as such, pull them into playing at their casino instead of at someone else’s. In essence they are financial incentives, or promotions, which when offered at the right time, in the right form, to the right players, give that casino the competitive edge. This brings in more players and the casino makes more money.

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus, which can also be called a sign-up bonus, is the first ever incentive that a casino offers to a brand new player. As it is the first bonus a player is offered, when they take a look at an online casino, it is generally very generous and captivating. It is however always best to check the terms and conditions before signing up for one, as often there are high wagering requirements which will affect your eventual pay-out. A well-researched welcome bonus can make a huge difference to a players first and potentially next three or four deposits, as it often doubles or triples your winning potential adding more money to your pot. Quite simply put, this gives you access to more spins and rolls etc. which obviously gives you more chances to win!

What is a deposit bonus?

This is a bonus which is given to you, unlocked and made available to you, when you make a deposit of your own money with an online casino. There will be various reasons why an online casino offers you these but as long as you reach their requirements, a deposit bonus is a pre-set amount of money, which the online casino will add to the money you deposit with them. This money helps to fill up or re-fuel your player’s pot. Giving you more opportunity to play your favourite games and more opportunities to hit your lucky streak.

What is a deposit free bonus?

A deposit free bonus is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bonus which you are given for signing up before you ever have to make any deposit. As you can get hold of one of these without putting in any of your own money this is one of the most sort after bonuses available.

What is a wager free bonus?

One of the most celebrated and sort after bonuses available online, the wager free bonus allows you to actually win your prizes without having to wager them over and over, usually many times, before you take out your winnings. This may sound like a small thing, to the less well travelled online casino player, but anyone who has taken the time to read all the small print will notice that usually in order to actually cash out you have to wager (re-play and win with again) your winnings about 35 times! So to be able to win, whatever it is that you actually win, and then cash out those winnings straight away is a rare treat.

How do I get a casino bonus?

Well, that depends on which online casino you are signing up/signed up to and what they are offering. Sometimes all you have to do is sign up for an account with them. Sometimes you have to make a minimum deposit as well. At other times it is conditional and will depend on which games you play, or, what dates or times of the day that you sign up for them and/or play them. Each online casino will differ in what they offer, and sometimes finding out all the ins and outs may be tricky, but each will be eager to help you to sign up and play.

Can I withdraw a casino bonus in cash?

Well, that will depend on the bonus being offered and on the casino offering it. It is wise to be careful when getting a bonus that involves free spins, as in some cases you may be offered a cash before bonus option and therefore should cash out your balance before playing your free spins. Also always note that your bonus will be subject to a casinos set wagering requirements, unless stated otherwise, and as such will still have to be played through however many times before you can withdraw any cash.

Do live casino games offer bonuses?

Yes, it’s official, live casino bonuses do exist and quite a lot of online casinos offer them. The ones which are offered most commonly are called “Free Bets” which give you the option to play on a selected few, or indeed on all of a given online casino’s live games. Usually offering somewhere between £5 and £20, these bonuses allow you to have a spin/few spins of a live roulette wheel, or, play a few hands of a live dealer card game like blackjack. On rare occasions you may be lucky enough to find the odd no deposit bonuses which would allow you to play and try out an online casinos live games even if you haven’t made any deposit of you own cash! There are various others too but every online casino is different, and so are their offers, so never expect to get the same bonus at one casino because you got it somewhere else.

What happens if I cash out early?

Here we must note that an online casino’s wagering requirements will affect this. You see for bonus amounts to become valid, and as such available to cash out, a player must have wagered a particular amount, or played a specified number of times. This means that if you attempt to withdraw you money early then you would be at risk of losing out on your bonus. Always read the Ts&Cs to be sure.

Do welcome offers always include money and free spins?

The simple answer to this is no, not always. Some offer only the cash, some offer only the spins, some, though much less regularly, may offer you something else entirely. It will always depend on the online casino which you choose. That’s why it is always a good idea to shop around a bit and see what is on offer so that you can get the best out of your buck!

Do I always need to read the T&Cs? Why?

Yes! You should always read the terms and conditions because they differ greatly between one online casino and the next. You don’t want to hand over your hard earned cash without knowing what your obligations are, and what the risk and/or possible rewards are.

The wagering requirements for example are a particularly important factor. Some online casinos will ask you to wager (re-play with) your winnings many more times, before you can cash out, than at others. It is common to have to wager them around 35x but some online casinos will ask for less and that factor alone can make getting hold of your winnings so much quicker!

What are bonus codes? Do all casinos have them?

A bonus code is simply a code which is given to you, either at an online casino or at an affiliate site which will lead you to a particular online casino. When this bonus code is imputed in the right way, at the correctly linked online casino, it enables you to acquire some kind of bonus. What you actually get from the online casino in exchange for imputing the code will again depend on the online casino. Many offer a set number of free spins on their online slot machines in exchange for imputing the code. Others may offer you some kind of code linked deposit free bonus.

At what age can I play online?

Though worldwide this varies from country to country, the legal age to play at an online casino in the UK is 18 or over.

Is there a limit on winnings and cash-outs?

Yes, in most cases online casinos do have limits on winnings and withdrawals. Most games will have an upper winning limit and most casinos will put a limit on the amount you can withdraw within a certain time period. There are also amount limits which will dictate how much you are allowed to cash out in one go. There are a few online casinos which will let you make one large withdrawal within the boundaries of some very specific situations but yes generally you will find limits have been put into place to safeguard the casinos.

Should I worry about personal data?

As long as you have been vigilant in your choice of online casino, and made sure that they are trustworthy and have proved as much by being licenced and regulated by the correct governing bodies, then you shouldn’t have to worry. Your personal data will be stored on secure servers which are protected by many different security systems and by state of the art SSL encryption to ensure that all your info is safe.

Why are casino bonuses regulated?

The simple answer here is that online casinos and the bonuses they offer are regulated in order to make sure that you, the player are safe. To ensure that your information is safe and to ensure that your money is safe. It is also done to make sure that online casinos are being run in a legal and honest way and that they are not using capital gained form disreputable sources to finance their operation.

We hope that these answers help you on your exciting online casino playing journey. Good Luck and happy bonus hunting!