No Wagering Bonus

Well, no wagering bonuses, that’s what! Not to be confused with “no deposit bonuses,” these bonuses are the crème de la crème of bonuses which every player should know about and even make use of. Why are these bonuses so good, you ask? Well, because they’re the freest of free things you can get from casinos, of course. 

But, what’s that? You have no idea what no wagering bonuses are?! No worries, friend, you’ve come to the right place to get the lowdown on no wagering bonuses. So, what are you waiting for? Get to reading and learn all you need to know about no wagering bonuses! 

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What is a Wagering Bonus and What is a Wager-Free Bonus? 

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Wagering bonuses are the most common bonuses that you’ll encounter in the online gaming world. Wagering bonuses encompass everything from match bonuses to deposit bonuses and even free spins; essentially, these are bonuses that the casino will grant you, but before you’re able to cash in any money, you will have to bet a certain amount of money.

This amount of money is generally referred to as “the wagering requirements” imposed by a casino, and is generally expressed as a multiple of the money you acquired from the bonus. A wager-free bonus, on the other hand, is a bonus which the casino grants you and which you don’t have to bet any money to claim! Now, isn’t that fantastic? 

Why Do Bonuses Normally Have Wagering Requirements?

That’s a great question, and one that has a surprisingly simple answer. The short of it is that wagering requirements act as a kind of safety net or insurance policy for the casinos offering the bonuses. Okay, so what do we actually mean by that? Well, giving away free things comes at a cost, of course, and no casino will be operational for long if they simply give out freebies willy-nilly. 

Hence why they attach wagering requirements to their bonuses, so players can “work for” (well, play for) their money and the casino has a guarantee that they’ve made a new customer that will keep turning up to their casino. It might seem unfair on players to have wagering requirements get in the way, but you have to keep in mind that casinos need their paychecks too. 

Wagering Bonus Example

Say you’re given a 100% match bonus, and you deposit £20, which means that the casino gives you another £20 on top of it, giving you a total of £40. However, the casino has a x20 wagering requirement on the bonus money, for example. That means that you need to wager 20 times the amount of money you’ve been given as a bonus, which, in this case, totals to £400. 

How to Find Wagering Free Bonuses, a Quick Guide

Oh, this one is pretty easy and you won’t have to even break a sweat to find those juicy bonuses you’re after. All you really have to do is look up “no wagering bonuses” and an entire storm of websites will appear that list the best casinos that offer wager-free bonuses. Yep, it’s that easy.

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Why Do Casinos Offer No Wagering Bonuses?

Same reason as why casinos offer bonuses at all: to attract more players. And what could possibly be more attractive that no wagering bonuses?

What is the Difference Between a No Wagering Bonus and a No Deposit Bonus?

Excellent question, as the difference between the two can be very hard to determine. A “no wagering bonus” is any bonus where you don’t have to to wager the bonus money a certain number of times to finally be able to withdraw your winnings, bonus money and all. A “no deposit bonus” is a bonus that is instantly credited to your account, even if you haven’t made your first deposit. 

No deposit bonuses are generally in the form of free spins and small cash prizes. This means that most of the time activating no wagering bonuses requires a deposit, whereas no deposit bonuses are instantly given to you upon registration or the fulfillment of a certain condition. 

What Does the Future of No Wagering Bonuses Look Like in the UK?

No wagering bonuses have quickly become very popular amongst players, and with very good reason. In such a short period of time, no wagering bonuses have quickly become the craze in the industry, and in a market as competitive as the online casino market, our suspicions are that wager-free bonuses will take the online gambling world in the UK by storm. 


Do wager-free bonuses include money and free spins?

Yes, they absolutely do! You can also find wager-free bonuses in the form of cashback schemes.

Can free spins be wagered?

Free spins aren’t the same as cash and bonus money, of course, so you can’t “wager them.” However, the winnings you do earn from your bonus free spins is completely legitimate and can be withdrawn.

How do I know if a bonus is wager-free?

The casino itself will inform you. Simply check the promotion or bonus T&Cs which every casino should have and they will explain everything that has to do with the bonuses they offer. Checking casino T&Cs is generally a very good habit anyway.

What are the average wagering requirements?

The average wagering requirements that you’ll find in casinos are anywhere in the range of x30-x50 of the bonus money they grant you.