High Roller Bonuses

If you fancy yourself as a big player at online casinos, then you should bypass the typical bonuses that casino offers and dive right into a High Roller bonus instead. The difference is very much a numbers game as by design, High Roller Bonuses are larger amounts that aim to feed the appetite of the more seasoned gambler who wants to get more bang, or as the case may be, bonuses for their buck. This page is dedicated to providing you with the know-how you need about High Roller Bonuses so if you play a little harder than most, you can get a bonus that is suitable for you.

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How is a High Roller Bonus Different?

A High Roller Bonus is different due to the fact that the bonus amounts that are offered are much larger. With your standard casino bonus, you are looking at a sum of bonus cash that is more orientated towards the amount such as £100 – £200, with £500 is generally the max. In the case of a High Roller bonus, you can expect a bonus cash amount that is much larger than that. Your High Roller Bonus will generally start at beteeen £500 – £1000 but you can far exceed that amount and you could be in store with cash sums of £2000-£5000 after just one deposit. With there being potential for much more than that if the casino offers a multiple deposit high roller deposit deal.  

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The way you claim a High Roller Bonus is much the same and so this means that you will make a deposit and be given a bonus that reflects that amount. These percentages often won’t change and you will still find 100% or 50% etc up to a certain. However, the difference comes in the form of the amount you will need to deposit in order to qualify as a High Roller. As there are bigger cash sums on offer, this means you will need to deposit more in order to reach them. As such, to get your hands on £1000 bonus, then a minimum deposit simply won’t do. Instead, you will be wanting to fund your account with at least a couple of hundred pounds immediately, while for those larger sums between £500-£2000 will need to be deposited instead.

Immediately, this qualification will eliminate a large amount of the casino populace and so these deals and this is the whole point. They only want those who play hard and take their casino gaming seriously to be able to claim and play with these big money amounts.

If you aren’t ready to make a serious commitment to a casino then you a High Roller Bonus isn’t the right deal for you.

How to Claim A High Roller Bonus

Claiming a High Roller Bonus is very straightforward.  Usually, they will be offered in the stead of a welcome bonus and so they become available when you first sign up at an online casino and so you can willingly enter in them. Simply complete your sign-up procedure, select the high-roller bonus as opposed to the traditional welcome bonus and make the substantial deposit you need to earn the big money sums that are up for grabs. In the case of a reload High Roller bonus, the same format occurs, except it wouldn’t be your first deposit but a deposit further down your tenure at the casino. These are the most standard, easy to comprehend way and common ways to claim a High Roller bonus.

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There are exceptions to this though and the most common would be that a High Roller bonus would not be offered to you immediately. Rather you would be playing at a casino for a while and have shown you are a player who is dedicated and who plays with big money bets. At this point, a member of the casino team will likely be in touch with you, or you contact them in order to discuss your eligibility for High Roller Bonuses in the future. At this point, you will then be given High Roller bonuses directly to your account as opposed to the standard ones you might find in the promotion section.

There is also the case that a High Roller bonus will be put into place as part of a VIP Scheme they have in place. This means that when you reach a certain level of the scheme, with levels being progressed through by spending money, you will graduate to the High Roller section and then these types of bonuses become available to you. As such, you can strive and prove your worth to the casino. With some casinos, they may even let you skip numerous levels of their VIP Scheme if you had previous form and status in a similar scheme at another casino.

At some rare casinos, their whole concept might even be based around accommodating for High Roller players only and so all their bonuses will reflect these types of deals. On the other hand, some casinos may have no scheme whatsoever and so there is no chance to claim High Roller bonuses and any type of bonus spins. As such, if you are partial or think you would fit the criteria then hunt out the former and avoid the latter. 


If you are a big casino player who wants to get larger bonus amounts of casino then there is no better way to do that then with a High Roller Bonus. This said, these should be reserved only for the most dedicated casino players and there are plenty of nice standard bonuses out there for the more average player. However, if you think you are cut out for it then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get started claiming and playing with High Roller Bonuses.


What Qualifies as High Roller Bonus?

A High Roller Bonus would generally be a significantly larger sum then you would get with a standard bonus. Generally, this would mean any bonus sum over £500, although over £1000+ is probably more accurate.

Am I a High Roller?

If you are playing and depositing with big money amounts and are far exceeding the standard casino bonus, then yes, maybe. However, ensure that you are only investing money you can afford and are making significant gains as opposed toloses.

Are the Wagering Requirements different?

In terms of the number of wagering requirements, they generally will not be different and you will still be offered between 30-40x wagering on a High Roller deal. Of course, the money you are claiming is much higher though and so they will typically take longer to meet due to that.