Free Spins – All Your Questions Answered

What if we told you that you can play for free at online casinos? Free spins allow you to check out slot games you maybe haven’t played before without any risk to your casino bankroll. Lots of players are taking advantage of this way of playing online casino games and we don’t want you to miss out. We’ve written this full free spins guide to help you discover more about them and most importantly, where to find the best free spins bonuses.

Questions and Answers

What are free spins?

In the simplest terms, a Free Spin is a free bet (or wager) on a video slot machine. It works just like a paid or funded spin and it can award winnings just like a regular spin would. Nothing gets taken from your casino balance when you use a free spin on a slot so in this sense it is truly ‘free’. They might be only for use on certain slots at a casino but that should always be clear in the offer text.

This can get confusing for players as lots of slot games award free spins within the actual game. But the fact is that you will still need to play the slot to gain any of these and therefore spend funds to get them.

Using free spins given by the casino itself is usually instant and they can be awarded automatically to save any waiting around.

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Are free spins and bonus spins the same thing?

They are pretty much the same thing, it’s just a different term but means the same. You’ll still be able to use bonus spins in the same way that you would use any free spins. Just remember to always follow the terms of the offer to ensure you can claim and withdraw any winnings.

It might be the case that an online casino is restricted from using the word ‘free’ because the spins come with wagering requirements attached. This has been the case recently for many UK casinos as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKCG) have clamped down on the way casinos promote themselves. As they are the folks who licence casinos to operate in the UK, any casino whishing to do so has to comply with their strict regulations.

Why play with free spins?

Playing a new slot game with some free spins means that you don’t need to use your own funds to play it. This takes the risk out of trying some exciting new slots from a whole host of casino game developers.
Using your own money then it can feel like a crushing disappointment if the slot does not live up to your expectations. Using free spins means that you’ve literally lost nothing if you don’t particularly like the new slot game.

Who knows, you might find a new game that you love and bag some winnings in the process. What a double win that would be.

Why do online casinos issue free spins?

All online casinos want to attract new players. Without people playing at their site, casinos won’t make any money and will soon go out of business. It’s simple business sense, therefore online casinos are always looking to get new sign-ups as well as keeping their existing players happy.

Offering up some tempting free spins can benefit a casino in three ways:

1. Free spins attract new players to a casino
2. Giving a free spins bonus to existing players can tempt them back
3.Great free spins offers get shared and promoted to casino player

We can see that by giving out free spins, the casino is getting a lot in return and it can benefit everyone involved.

Can I withdraw my spins as money?

Any free spins that you get added to your casino account can only be used for playing the slots that are stated in the terms of the offer. Although each spin might have a value, i.e. £0.20 per spin, it’s not usually possible to turn that value into cash and withdraw it from your account.

In rare cases, if you contact the casino and say that you would rather have bonus cash than spins they might swap it. However, that isn’t really of benefit to the casino so unless you are a high roller they are unlikely to swap their offer for you.

The simple way to get money from free spins is to play them. This way you can withdraw any winnings you gain from the spins as long as the wagering requirements are met.

How do I get this type of bonus?

By now you can see the awesome benefits of getting your hands on some free spins at an online casino. So, you’re probably keen to do just that.

Here are 3 main ways you claim yourself some free spins:

Special offers: Check out casinos where you already play and have an account. They might have an offer where you can claim some free spins in return for depositing a minimum amount.

Ask for them: Contact casinos where you’ve previously played and ask if they will gift you any free spins. It helps to be a loyal player as they will be keen to keep you happy playing there.

Welcome bonuses: Search online for a list of casinos which are offering a free spins bonus as part of their welcome package. Read the details of the offer before you sign up so you can be certain of what you are getting.

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Can I use a bonus spins offer multiple times?

Any free or bonus spins that are credited to your casino account can only be used once. It works the same way as bonus cash match offers, once it’s used, it’s used.

Don’t forget that playing with your free spins might lead to you winning even more free spins on a specific slot. This makes it always worthwhile to use them up even if you would rather be using your own funds to play.

Which slots can I play with free spins?

This really depends on the terms of the free spins offer. Sometimes you’ll have free reign to choose which slots you want to play. But it is often the case that any free spins awarded to you are valid only on specific slot games.

Any good casino will make it abundantly clear how you can use the bonus spins. For example, an offer might say something like – ‘50 Free Spins on Starburst’.

This way you know that they are good only for that specific slot. We’ve even seen offers where you get spins for a different slot game with each deposit. That can give a nice variation to your casino play. Whenever you take on a bonus offer, always check over the terms and conditions. It might seem like a hassle but it’s best to know what you are getting involved with to avoid disappointment later on.

Do bonus spins have wagering requirements?

The true answer is yes and no – some will and some will not. The easiest way to tell is to have a skim over the terms of the offer. Here it should state if any wagering is attached to the free spins offer.
Look for something that says ‘wagering requirements 35x’. In this case, you’d need to wager, or play through, any winnings gained from the spins 35 times over.

Can you win money on free spins?

Although playing with free spins can be fun, winning some cold hard cash is even better. It’s always best to look for free spins offers when you get to retain the winnings from the bonus spins.

Remember to factor in the wagering requirements here. They can restrict you from claiming any winnings right away but can always be beaten if you know how to.